Learning Center at Learning Rainbow Preschool

It can be difficult adjusting your work schedule around the school hours of your children. Wouldn’t it be easier if they went to a professional and helpful child care that will help them with their homework questions and other concerns? At Learning Rainbow Preschool, we offer exceptional day care services so the little ones are properly taken care of during your busy day.

Our learning center can help you take care of your children’s needs. Our long hours accommodate any situation, whether it is for early mornings for your commutes or long nights to finish up paperwork. Our friendly staff will update you on your child’s activities as well so you are included in their lives.

Learning Rainbow Preschool is based on the belief that family’s needs receive the utmost importance. After several years of meeting those needs, we have received a reputation of being a high quality preschool with caring staff members from our loyal customers. Visit us at Commerce Township, MI.


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